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Designed in browser with HTML5, CSS 3 and JS. Simple Design exercise to create a small business website.

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A little about me – Frontend / Design Ninja

I am a Senior Web Developer and Designer at Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I am very passionate about design and code. I love to design something and see it action and live with code. I have been doing web design and development since 2007 and have come a long away.

As I continue to learn and become a better designer and developer. I feel very excited about emerging Front-end technologies like AngularJs. Which is quickly becoming my to go framework for web apps and website. Even this website is made with AngularJs. I have used AngularJs to built the Front-end for IIN Learning Center (LMS) which is a online education platform for IIN students.

    function ninjafy(newbie) { 
        return newbie + " am a Frontend / Design Ninja";

    var master = ninjafy("I");

Introducing iWebDraft.com. A Complete Site Resigned

This is my portfolio site for 2014. Created with Photoshop, HTML 5, CSS 3, Less.js, Javascript, and AngularJs. The blog and portfolio pages utiltize WordPress’s RESTFul API. The final code is minified and concatenated. In up coming posts I will discuss/share designs and code snippet from this project.


  • Full Screen Layout
  • Driven by WordPress RESTFul Api
  • Built with AngularJs
  • Flat and Responsive Design





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